Wat doen onze partners?

We believe that we as Christians could and should mean something in the lives of young people. We cannot do that on our own; that is why it is important for us to cooperate with partner churches and partner organizations.

What do our partners do?

We hope that you, as a partner church or partner organization, would like to support Beach Mission in one or more of the following areas:

  • In follow-up: finding a buddy for young people who would like to know more about faith.
    During their trip, our participants come into contact with young people from all over Europe. Back in the Netherlands, we ourselves do not have the opportunity to provide after-care to the young people who are interested and want to know more about Jesus and the faith. Our partners help in finding a buddy in the area where that young person comes from. The buddy supports him or her in becoming a follower of Jesus.
  • In finding participants.
    Together with our partners we want to put into practice the commission Jesus gave in Matthew 28 verse 8. That is an inspirational experience; it is a blessing, not only for the young people whom we talk with and pray for, but certainly also for the participants themselves. Our partners help to promote these trips in their own church or organization, so evangelists and supporting people will participate in the mission trips of Beach Mission.
  • In prayer.
    During the mission trips we daily send a prayer letter to people back home. Our partners pray for us and receive prayer updates during the mission trips.
  • Financially.
    The mission trips cost money. Each participant pays a certain amount for their trip. That money covers about 80% of the travel expenses. Our partners support us with a financial contribution, so we can cover the remaining 20%.
  • Organizing (optional).
    In consultation with Beach Mission, partner churches could organize a Beach Mission trip themselves, for instance for a youth group.

Partners of Beach Mission share our love for (lost) young people and want to lead them to Jesus. In our confession of faith and in our core values we state what we believe and how we want to work.

Of course, we for our part would like to invest in you, our partner, as well. We would be happy to come to your church to speak, give a presentation, or a training.